New Location & New Releases

The ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ main store has moved to a new location closer to the stars!

Visit the new ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ main store.

To celebrate the move and new location, I’ve created a special coloring of the Flowery Set for you…

But first, you must find it!  Each of the 7 jewelry pieces (L$1 each) in the Flowery Set is hidden: 2 are in the new main store and the other 5 are in the surrounding sim.  The hunt item is a 5-pointed purple star; the first jewelry item is near the landing area of the main store, just follow the hint within to the next item, etc.  (If you are in extremely dire need of help finding an item, feel free to IM me if I’m online; or IM a group officer.)  This hunt starts July 1 and will continue for 1 entire week.

Besides the new location, I’ve also some new releases for you (only at the new main store)!
First, an intricate filigree necklace reminiscent of the lovely calla lily:

Second, a pretty ring wrapped in delicate flowers and vines:

And third, something completely new to ~*Star Kindler Designs*~:  Eyes

As usual, all jewelry items are available in 4 different metal types and 10 different gem colors unless otherwise specified.

Also, the lucky board is now filled with new items:

That’s all the new news for now.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Have a most lovely day!


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