New Release & Steam Hunt 3

Have you ever wanted to look much more closely at your latest creation or experiment but could never quite locate a magnifying glass in your messy laboratory?  Well then, this new release from *Amaranthus* could be just what you need:  Lacy Steampunk Spectacles!

These detailed spectacles have strategically placed lenses that can be lowered to magnify any object whenever you need – no more searching for magnifying glasses!

When I first started designing these spectacles, I planned to make them just for STEAM: the Hunt! 3 (more info on this below), but the spectacles came out so well and I like them so much that I just had to make them a regular release item too!

About STEAM: the Hunt! 3:  This grid-wide hunt starts today and runs the entire month of September and features Steampunk/Victorian themed gifts from many wonderful Steampunk/Victorian merchants.  Both my stores are part of this hunt, and from each store,  an exclusive gift.

From *Amaranthus*, the new Lacy Steampunk Spectacles in an exclusive metal coloring:

And from ~*Star Kindler*~, a pair of goggles… not for your head, but for your finger – it’s a ring!

Well, that’s all the news for now.  Have a great day!

strategically placed


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