Coming Soon, BoobieThon, Hallows Eve Hunt

In a week’s time the Jewelry Fair begins!  This year it will be from October 8-17 and themed around the original story of Beauty and the Beast.

I plan to have a few new items debuted at the Jewelry Fair including the following Beauty and the Beast themed items:

A customized locket in the form of an enchanted mirror; like the magic mirror in the Beauty and the Beast story, this mirror locket will change to show your loved one:

Curling vines of roses magically come together to create this delicate tiara fit for royalty:

These items will be debuting at the Jewelry Fair (only after the Jewelry Fair ends will these items will be available in-store).  Only a few select metal and gem colors will be available at the Jewelry Fair (due to prim limitations) but afterward, as usual, the items will be available in 4 different metal types and 10 different gem colors unless otherwise specified.

Today is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the start of BoobieThon “Fighting breast cancer with humor and irreverence.”  For this event, I’ve created a special coloring of the Hearts Set – all proceeds go to the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation:

This set will be available at the *Amaranthus* main store as well as at the BoobieThon event location.

Another hunt this month: the Hallows Eve Hunt from October 1 through November 1.  For this hunt, I’ve hidden a special version of the Scrollwork Monocle:

If you have trouble finding the hunt item (a ghost), a hint ghost is located in front of the store.


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