Jewelry Fair, New Releases, Auction, Etc.

Quite a bit of news…

The 2010 Jewelry Fair has begun!  The Jewelry Fair is open from October 8-17 and the theme is the story of Beauty and the Beast.  Here are the SLurls to the Jewelry Fair:  2010 Jewelry Fair SLurls
My booths are located along the eastern wall of Beauty’s Castle North.

I have a few new items debuting at the Jewelry Fair (only after the Jewelry Fair ends will these items be available in-store):

Seasonal tiaras, each one designed in the colors of a season:

Also new are the following Beauty and the Beast themed items:
Curling vines of roses magically come together to create this delicate tiara:

A customized locket in the form of an enchanted mirror; like the magic mirror in the Beauty and the Beast story, this mirror locket will change to show your loved one:

Only a few select metal and gem colors will be available at the Jewelry Fair (due to prim limitations) but afterward, as usual, the items will be available in 4 different metal types and 10 different gem colors unless otherwise specified.

Jewelry Fair is once again supporting Oxfam International; to show my support, I’ve created a unique, one-of-a-kind auction item:

All proceeds from the auctions go to Oxfam International.

Two specially colored items for Jewelry Fair; half the proceeds of these items go to Oxfam International:

And some gifts for the Jewelry Fair:

Night Plutonian, my friend and officer of my stores, is volunteering at the Jewelry Fair’s Kissing Booth – each kiss is L$25 and all proceeds go to Oxfam International.  If you would like to show your support for the charity, give Night a kiss, or both, he will be at the Kissing Booth at 12-1 AM SLT on Saturday 10/9, Tuesday 10/12, and Sunday 10/17.  Of course, you can also go at any other time, as there will be other people at the Kissing Booth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!  Have a lovely day!


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