New & Small Sale, Etc.

Now that the Jewelry Fair is over, the new items debuted at the Jewelry Fair are now at the main stores:

A customized locket in the form of an enchanted mirror; like the magic mirror in the Beauty and the Beast story, this mirror locket will change to show your loved one:

Seasonal tiaras, each one designed in the colors of a season:

Curling vines of roses magically come together to create this delicate tiara:

As usual, all jewelry items are available in 4 different metal types and 10 different gem colors unless otherwise specified.

With Halloween quickly approaching, I’ve put the *Amaranthus* Spider Charm Set and separates on sale – each separate jewelry item is 25% off the regular price while the entire set is 40% off the price of all the set items combined!  And the new ~*Star Kindler*~ Foliage Tiara: Autumn is on sale for 25% off the regular price.  This sale will last for 1 week only!

Also for Halloween, some L$1 specials at the main stores:

These specials will only be available for 1 week.


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