Fashion for Life & New

Fashion for Life (formerly the Relay for Life (RFL) Clothing Fair) starts today, March 12, 2011, and continues through March 22, 2011.  Fashion for Life raises funds for cancer research – all donations from Fashion for Life go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society (more info here).

As the fair now allows more than just clothing, I am able to participate and do my part for this good cause.  The *Amaranthus* booth is located in the Bourke White sim (2nd store to your left after sponsor store [Elikatira]).

For the fair, I’ve created 5 special donation items (1 is a hunt item) with 100% of the proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society.

The first 2 donation items are new and special colorings:

The next 2 are special colorings:

And the last is the hunt item:

As you might have noticed mentioned above, there are 2 new items; here are the non-RFL new items:

(The current STEAM hunt gift is a special coloring of the above choker.)

Each item in the Square Key Set is also available separately.

(Perhaps this set looks a little familiar?  Half of this set was first introduced in the past as a gift, but now I’ve expanded it with 2 more items.)

For now, only the gem and metal combinations at Fashion for Life are available, but after the fair, these items will be available in the usual 4 different metal types and 10 different gem colors at the *Amaranthus* store.

Also, a free gift for you for coming to Fashion for Life:

Please come to Fashion for Life and visit my booth and enjoy the wonderful sims and stores.

Please come support a good cause.


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