Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy Faire has begun!  It starts today, April 2, and ends April 10, 2011.  The Fantasy Faire is on 9 amazing sims and filled with magnificent creations from a wide range of fantasy genres.  Fantasy Faire, produced by Friends Fighting Cancer, helps raise funds for cancer research – all donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

~*Star Kindler Designs*~ (and I’ve included a section for *Amaranthus*) is located in the inner northwest (NW) corner of the spectacular Exotic Worlds sim.

Some new releases for Fantasy Faire:

At the 2010 Jewelry Fair I released ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ Rose Vine Tiara.  And since then, I’ve been asked if there will ever be matching jewelry items for the tiara…  Yes there will, and here they are – an entire set!
Each item in this set is available separately:

Also new are these earrings:

For now, only the gem and metal combinations at Fantasy Faire are available, but soon after the Faire ends, these items will be available in the usual 4 metal and 10 gem colors unless otherwise specified.

I’ve created a few special donation items for Fantasy Faire (100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society):

For the RFL auction, an exclusive coloring of the new Rose Vine Set in a special metal and gem combination; this coloring will only be available this one time, so if you like this special set, please make a bid for it at the Fantasy Faire 2011 Auction Stage:
This set includes:

I’ve also 3 exclusive RFL donation items:

1 RFL hunt item:

And a free gift for you for coming to Fantasy Faire:

Lots of wonderful things are to be found in the beautiful sims of Fantasy Faire; I hope you will visit!

Have a fantastic day!   ^_^

<a href=”

“>~*Star Kindler Designs*~ Rose Vine Tiara</a>


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