Twisted Steam

Some exclusive and new items; these new items will be released normally soon, but for now, these are only available in exclusive colorings as hunt gifts!

For the Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 (September 1-30), I’ve hidden 2 gifts each at *Amaranthus* and ~*Star Kindler Designs*~:
From *Amaranthus*, a unique necklace and earrings:

I’ve been in a mask-making mood lately, so from ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ there are 2 masks hidden:

It is also time for STEAM: the Hunt! 5 (September 1-30).  For this hunt, I have the following gifts:

(Your own functioning mini Tesla Coil to wear on your person – be careful not to touch the electricity!)

And *Amaranthus* is in the Fashion Forward Hunt (August 7-September 7 — almost ending); all items found in this hunt are L$10 each.  The special item I have hidden for this hunt is a mini jewelry set with a pocket-watch and matching monocle:

Have a lovely day and happy hunting!


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