Jewelry Fair

It is time for Jewelry Fair 2011!  The Jewelry Fair is open from September 16-25 and the theme this year are the Elements.  My booths for *Amaranthus* and ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ are both on the Fire sim.

I have a new item debuting at the Jewelry Fair, another detailed and delicate masquerade mask:

As well, I’ve created a unique coloring of the first masquerade mask to reflect the Fire of the sim (and it looks great at night too):

This mask will currently only be available at the Jewelry Fair; half the proceeds will go to Oxfam International, the charity Jewelry Fair is once again supporting.

Also, I’ve some unique items as a free gift to you for coming to the Jewelry Fair – there is a gift in each of my booths.

To see the rest of the Jewelry Fair, here are the SLurls to the 4 Element sims:  Jewelry Fair 2011 SLurls

Have fun!


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