Sinister, Candy Cane & Peace On Earth

I’ve some new items for current December hunts:

The Sinister Steampunk Hunt just ended, but I’ll leave the gift out at *Amaranthus* until next week for those who might have missed it:

This pocket-watch matches the Blood Thorn Earrings, Blood Thorn Locket (from the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt 2010), and Blood Thorn Brooch & Pin (from The Thrifty Goth Group’s Gother Than Thou Hunt 2010).

The 3rd Annual Candy Cane Hunt is in progress until December 25, 2011.  From ~*Star Kindler Designs*~ (for L$1), a shining crown made from snow and ice:

The Fourth Annual Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt (POE4) just started and will end on January 3, 2012.  From ~*Star Kindler Designs*~, I’ve created this brooch with rotating Earth and rolling clouds:

Happy hunting!


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